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yeems lik fightan?


we wuz kangz (of iron fist tournament) n sheit


i lik alice senki ii


bost full save and I'll connect to you with 440ms


I always hated fighting games because of how many moves you need to memorize in order to play the game.


aw dang i usually ask for a host instead


I am able to host (soku at least) but be aware you're going to be connecting to OCE
yer just using the AS2 that's been put up on /japan/ right?


You're supporting literally Hitler?

Or choose a busted character to make the AI melt its code, like Kula and her iceberg



hell yeah i always forget to mention this when shilling it


I like playan them casually with my bros but never got into them seriously. Tried out FightCade a few times and got fucking rekt by autistic spics. Also the fighting game "scene" is rally fucking gay which probably puts a lot of people off


Wasn't SNK hosed up to Tencent before Squadallah guy bought all of its stocks?


idk if it was tencent directly but it was some chinese company so probably tencent


i lik fightcade to budy. nullDC vear is gud for NAOMI games lik project justice n CvS2


Yeah it's a nice program but I wish there were some more normal guys to play against on there. Maybe we should do a webring tournament or something


i would participate in this. fc automatically uploads matches that you have, i think null may need you to use actual ips so id say use fc

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