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It's been four years… I'm going in, wish me luck


I never followed all the drama with this game, anyone got a quick rundown?


It was just a massive fucking flop and one of the biggest embarrassments ever in gayming
it has somehow managed to survive even now through microtransactions (cuz EA), I guess
I just play it for it's story content every couple of expansions or so, and they've pretty much given up on it as an MMO because they give you a companion which can carry you through the whole game as a tank, DPS, or healer

Their cinematic trailers are top notch though


>I never followed all the drama with this game, anyone got a quick rundown?
Here's a TL;DR for it


the tl;dr of it is that the game was made by a bunch of halfasses and close to/right at release it was readily apparent what a pile of shit it is but instead of delaying release the devs and the moderators of their forums decided to ban everyone not sucking their dicks as trolls
this was back when there were still enough non-retards using the internet to give them enough flak to guarantee their game would either die or become a microtransaction tumor played by only the biggest masochists or dumbest shit eaters
nowadays their reaction is basically par for the course so it doesnt have as much impact when you view it through a [current year] lens


Something that did surprise me though is the lack of pozz from 0 - 60 aside from shitskins.
Maybe it was to appeal to as many people as possible, being an MMO?
It doesn't even have any sodomy, which BioWare is known for.


tortanic happened just before the turbopoz took over the entire industry
yeah it has its skin diversity bullshit but it came out like two years before having demonic snarky niggertrannies with fluid genders was borderline required


I never actually thought about that, it's amazing just how badly the goobergate faggotry fucked everything up


gamergay happened after the cuck clique had already taken over every major dev and publisher tho all goblinganglers did was point out the obvious and then become the boogeyman for jewnalists


>all goblinganglers did was point out the obvious and then become the boogeyman for jewnalists
That's exactly what caused it all imo, or at least made things a lot worse. Devs realized that putting pozzed shit in their games generates a lot of free publicity from angry nerds. It's similar to games like DOOM and GTA that seen a lot of success due to angry soccer moms


Plus even if the game doesn't sell it gives them an excuse i.e. "it's not because we made a shitty game, it's because gamers are all le racist transphobic shitlords!"


i dont believe gg actually accomplished any of that people wouldve started bitching with or without some anonymous retards harassing some purple haired whore and who tf besides jewnalists cares about the muh sodgney gaymers excuse? if that actually worked for anything besides keeping them in their shitty little clickb8 positions then the games wouldnt still be flopping


It definitely generated a lot of publicity if nothing else. I would've had no idea who tf Anita or Zoe Quinn were if it wasn't for some retards bitching about them on 4chan 24/7


you think she was even a good lay?
maybe she gave great hummers


I highly fucking doubt it tbh but anything is fine if you're some virgin gaymen journalist


publicity dont mean much if you dont really do anything with it but it is kinda funny how asshurt some jewnos got over it
she might be gud at blowjobs cause after 5 even the dumbest girl should know how to slob a knob without scraping it with her teeth but as far as benis/bagina goes she looks like the kinda girl whose snatch just reeks even when she tries to keep it clean so prolly not


think she takes it in the ass?


i hope she does so she has to suffer with incontinence for the rest of her life once she hits 40


I remember the only story that was noteworthy was the imperial spy storyline, and even then it was just space James bond

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