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oh so you unlocked the paradox huh? easy enough right?
you went and kicked the shit out of the lich with it after a couple tries right? uh huh, ezpz.
you had an attempt at unlocking the gunslinger after playing with the paradox right?
you beat the absolute fuck out of everything all the way up to the forge right?
you had tons of hearts and armor and even the yari launcher right?
btfo'd the dragun and got its master round for another heart right?
you walked through the gate after the dragun to go kill the gunslinger's past right?
everything is basically a cakewalk towards completely unlocking the gunslinger after this right?
you remembered to get the easily forgotten bullet that can kill the past from the blacksmith right?
no? well guess you'll have to try again haha there's no way back to pick up the stupid item you havent bothered with since killing every other character's past at this point better luck next time retard!


play shitty games win shitty prizes


I thought this game was good


i wouldnt call it shitty but i would call it an extremely frustrating 6/10 because of stupid shit when it would otherwise be an 8/10
once you unlock the bullet that kills the past it should just be given to your character after you beat the dragun that alone would have saved me so much irritation i mean theres zero reason to talk to any shopkeeps outside of this specific instance so once i get into the flow of clearing chambers i always forget to even talk to the forge cunt god dammit
its the same situation as binding of isaac where the early and mid game are fun as fuck but the late game is total horseshit that relies far too much on rng and there are many situations where getting fucked countless times in a row is basically unavoidable unless youre an autist
id say pirate it and play up until youve beaten every one of the main characters' pasts along with the bullet and the robot then drop it when you get to the point of unlocking the paradox
my enjoyment of the game came to a very swift end at that point and the fact an extremely minor slipup like forgetting to talk to an npc you barely ever interact with can fuck you this hard when trying to unlock the very last character


unlocking the gunslinger i meant
the paradox is kinda fun


The game is incredibly slow paced until you get pretty deep, which is an unforgivable sin for a twin stick shooter. Once you get deep, metagame progression allowing, fights are so short that you don't even see enemy attack patterns.
<just use your unlimited iframes instead of thinking about positioning
It's a hypostasis of all the shitiest "roguelike" trends. In particular, the fact that you get rewarded for not taking damage in fights you'd never take damage in except due to iterative tedium (even with a low damage gun) makes it just a test of patience and nothing else.
>its the same situation as binding of isaac where the early and mid game are fun as fuck but the late game is total horseshit
BoI at least has reasonable lethality if you don't know enemy patterns and don't have isntagib powerups. It's an incredible travesty of just walking between rooms and not even seeing enemies move before they're dead though, yeah.


oh cool this time i got all the gud items as paradox and btfo's the shit out of the bich no problemo but then couldnt salvage the next run at all even with the shitty eye bullets making almost every gun useful
i hat rng games so god damn much i wish i wasnt retarded enough to be addicted to this shit


gunslinger unlocked
i now feel empty what a hollow "achievement" im going to go plant some more shit in my garden fuck video games

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