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So they are making a Twisted Metal series.premiering july 27th on peacock Imo it's not very promising compared to the game.based off the trailer What are your thoughts, /v/?


thats fuckin stupid and prolly a money laundering scheme that is expected to fail miserably. i mean its a game series that hasnt been relevant in like 15 years


tbh i actually think an online pvp-based vehicle combat game could prolly be a rly big meme nowadays if you were to do it right. esp if they made it so you could like idk customize your car/vehicle and make like specific builds and stuff like that. ppl would prolly get rly autistic with that, and then you could make some more generic multiplayer modes lik team deathmatch, fuckin capture the flag, whatever

the twisted metal IP is prolly more of a hindrance than anything at this point. the few ppl that remember would be pissed off by any big changes or modernizations. and a new twisted metal that plays and acts like old twisted metal, but w new gfx, would prolly bomb in todays market


yah a new twisted metal game could prolly be successful if they managed to attract some of the rocket league audience but idk how well the overall aesthetic and story would hold up in such a case since twisted metal was always some super edgelord shit thematically speaking and the modern entertainment industry is basically incapable of doing anything edgy since some suit wearing retard always jumps in to water everything down and make sure every product is some watered down garbage which defeats the whole purpose behind being edgy in the first place
hate to throw out the typical /v/eddit "boohoo it gon b bad" take but the fact peegock is involved at all even if its just with a tv show isnt a good sign at all
then again assuming there is a new game in the works maybe whatever studio it gets handed to will have enough unruly bastards working in it to make some wild shit and slip it under the faggot radar


In the original game i remember you fighting to the death in suburbs and other places where you could just destroy the entire world around you. Doubtful the series will keep the same theme, p gh3y if not. Thats what made twisted metal a fun edgy game imo the total chaos and utter destruction.


idk they would prolly be perfectly fine with environmental destruction its not like currently or recently popular games dont have that

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