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File: 1588797840810.png (49.98 KB, 550x850, 11:17, the new infinity cup.png)


Hey KC brothers,
Here to introduce to you the Infinity Cup 2020! It's a virtual sports simulation tournament including all boards, webring or otherwise, willing to create their very own team and representatives. Come join us if you want!

File: 1588011152656.png (33.37 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 2020_04_06_055119.png)


Morning, I suck, please roast me. I am ugly, stinky, filthy, smelly, worthless


The pic looks like someone with their eyes shut eating shit.


Weird shaped mouth tho.


then again thats better than average normie

File: 1581444715781.jpg (45.56 KB, 599x440, 599:440, 3877b6ebdc6cb8ab76e44f75ba….jpg)


I don't know you, but i already hate you.


File: 1581742268792.png (205.55 KB, 196x200, 49:50, maus.png)


I <3 u UwU


File: 1585526370747.png (260.77 KB, 465x551, 465:551, huh.png)

File: 1563571545573.png (5.76 MB, 2560x1699, 2560:1699, ClipboardImage.png)


Post all updates, happenings, rants, restaurants and questions about this glorious city in this thread.
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>implying you shouldn't be banned by default for meme arrows



kansas city?


As a literal /fascist/, I agree with your statement about Chavez.


Sounds like an argument against fascism.


File: 1582162815861.png (29.35 KB, 279x611, 279:611, ddqnl1q-f5b59e91-a4b7-469c….png)



Oh dog.

File: 1566750177093.png (3.79 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


I'm extremely butthurt because I said some certain things that can used against me because of laws and I don't want to have a criminal past because it'd keep me having good jobs in future.

I can't delete it and requested to admin to flush it down but he is afk at the moment and I'm very anxious.

also general blogposting
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Welp, I did it bernd. I bought a fucking house. I feel so sick I could puke. My Nana gave me money for a deposit and I bought a house that needs repairs. I paid a guy to find me a mortgage and he found one that just scraped the house price with deposit. I didn't think I would get one and my options were limited but I got there, even on my meager slave monies. I couldn't afford a house that was already fixed up so this is pretty much my best chance to not be an evicted and homeless old man.

Holy fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! The urge to wank myself to sleep and hide in bed all day is severe! Pictures will come soon.


>I bought a fucking house
Congratulations. Nice.
Fixing it up then will need some effort but don't give up. It's actually good way of gaining some capital. I know a family who buys a house, move in, fix it up, sell, buy next, move in, fix it up, sell… They have other gigs but this is one way of earning for them.

>The urge to wank myself to sleep and hide in bed all day is severe! Pictures will come soon.

We don't need picture of you wank yourself to sleep and hide in bed all day, thank you.


File: 1581773944586-0.jpg (1.27 MB, 2592x1936, 162:121, IMG_20200215_125313.jpg)

File: 1581773944586-1.jpg (1 MB, 2592x1936, 162:121, IMG_20200215_125339.jpg)

File: 1581773944586-2.jpg (1.24 MB, 2592x1936, 162:121, IMG_20200215_125351.jpg)

File: 1581773944586-3.jpg (1.03 MB, 2592x1936, 162:121, IMG_20200215_125420.jpg)

File: 1581773944586-4.jpg (1.08 MB, 2592x1936, 162:121, IMG_20200215_125436.jpg)

Just been stripping the old person smell from there.
I considered posting a timelapse of me wanking and sleeping but I guess instead I'll post pictures from the house instead.


>instead I'll post pictures from the house
That's a relief.
Definitely some stuff you need to work on. Is that house that narrow type? So not a real house (detached house?) but one of those houses packed in a row?


I think you made a pretty good investment if you can afford all the renovations (or do them yourself if you have the time and skills). Housing prices are fucking bullshit in this country and I can't see any sign of them falling any time soon.

File: 1580599917341-0.png (606.42 KB, 1188x750, 198:125, al bab 01 feb 2020.png)

File: 1580599917341-1.png (669.42 KB, 1188x750, 198:125, idlib and aleppo 01 feb 20….png)

File: 1580599917341-2.jpg (357.67 KB, 1073x683, 1073:683, pepsi jihadi.jpg)


In an interesting development SNA/TFSA have relieved pressure on Idlib by opening another front from Ottoman territory near Al-Bab. They are attacking both red and yellow territory with SAA and YPG counterattacking together. Aleppo and the outskirts of Saraqib are still on fire, with a side move away from the new Turkish barriers on the latter.
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It is part of the road network which runs around these would be security zones. Right now I think these rebel areas will be transformed into buffer zones where the refugees will be sent back from Turkey. I don't think SAA will be advance more to west by much at Idlib. They'll cut that corner at Aleppo, along that road, and that's it.
Then only one zone left in the north (well two) not in rebel hands.


There's the M4 highway which Turkey also had pledged to open and didn't follow through. Assad may not take all of it but at the very least the southern salient can fall. Only problem is that it's got harder terrain.


Hmm that runs straight to Latakia. They'll want that.


File: 1581721379574.png (513.32 KB, 1178x746, 589:373, aleppo 14 feb 2020.png)

More progress in Aleppo, and another chopper shot down.


File: 1581753902600.png (1.1 MB, 1524x1023, 508:341, 2020-02-15-idlib.png)

Erdo must have gave them new AA equipment.

File: 1581746593671.png (4.99 KB, 296x321, 296:321, untitled(15).png)


wh@t u s@y?

File: 1566664516607-0.jpg (1.21 MB, 2304x1728, 4:3, Music1.jpg)

File: 1566664516607-1.mp3 (4.58 MB, 15 Mrs. Mcgrath.mp3)


Here's music:
Fiddler's Green. Germans playing Irish punk folk:
I really fond of their cover of Mrs McGrath

Also I came across a serious puzzle I can't resolve, so I thought I ask Bernd. First the song:
What is a gigi?
How it is generated?
Why Fred Durst is so flustered people talking shit of his way of generating gigis?
Doesn't he realize if he would do it better he would get less criticism?
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For me King Crimson (kc, heh) is mostly relatively unmelodic and boring for some reason. From comparable era, Van Der Graaf Generator is better I think.

But of course comparing personal music preferences is pointless because this is too individual.



Blind Myself: Pomogácsok - with official English subtitles.
The song is based on a tale for children from the 80's and which was made into children's program on telly. The boogeymen of the story are the Pomogácsok. I think in the story noone really knew why the Pomogácsok are so bad and what they do, they just envisioned their horrific activities.




Oh no, not culture. I spotted some cute musicianess tho.

File: 1561046386114.png (911.58 KB, 1200x795, 80:53, jews dance on money.png)


Let's have a joge thread.
I gathered a couple of Jewish jokes - translated from Hungarian as a proofs that Scot jokes are a category on their own right and not hidden Jew.

- I've two grave problems. - says Kohn to his pal - The one, that my wife is a Jew.
- But you are Jewish too!
- Yes. That's the other one.

Old Schwarz is dying. Weakly he asks:
- Sarah, my dear wife, are you here beside me?
- I'm here, darling, everything will be all right.
- And you my son, David, are you here?
- I'm here father.
- And you my daughter, Rachel, are you here?
- I'm here dad.
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>That doesn't "bite" well. Maybe it's the translation. The punchline would sound better in Hungarian (actually we have a term that would fit better instead the fishermen club).

Yes, originally it is something like "interest group". That word typically used for kids groups, where they learn something after school, but can be used for grown ups too.


File: 1581683429078.png (72.13 KB, 183x200, 183:200, question kot.png)

didn't get it


File: 1581697603936.jpg (82.7 KB, 290x392, 145:196, joge.jpg)


First one is about John Paul and Benedict


I thought so.
We have a derisive term which came into use from a youth novel (Pál utcai fiúk = The Boys of Paul Street, it has a few film adaptation, most notable one from the '70s, Hungarian-American co-production), some students had a gittegylet = "putty club" (gitt = putty, that soft plastic stuff that holds window glasses in place, well, held, it's old technology now). They were like four, three of them were members of the board and one regular member. They took the stuff very seriously, had slogan and seal and membership card and whatever, their activities centered around a lump of putty which always had to be chewed so it won't dry out…
So these types of small time associations, with no real influence on anything is called gittegylet, but the idiom is also used belittlingly to any organization no matter of it's power.

File: 1580844597201.mp4 (13.89 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Bernie Would Have Won (mus….mp4)


What do you think happened and why did Bernie win?
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I didn't read the article, the author's name the reason I post:
>Frank Furedi
I would bet a 100 HUF that it is actually Füredi, a Hungarian name.



>with placards urging Alibaba to “go back to your cave.”

That's very racis

>“We don’t want Alibaba, Amazon or any other e-commerce here. They are incompatible with the fight against global warming,” added Schreuer said.

Do they really think that buying Chinese-made shit from "European company" is better for ecology than buying absolutely same things directly from China?


>Do they really think
At this point I don't believe they think anything at all.


They still wanking around with that Iowa calculus.

File: 1560592189214-0.jpg (748.82 KB, 1632x1224, 4:3, 01-meat-s.JPG)

File: 1560592189214-1.jpg (1.06 MB, 1632x1224, 4:3, 02-lay-s.JPG)

File: 1560592189214-2.jpg (1.02 MB, 1632x1224, 4:3, 03-fire-s.JPG)

File: 1560592189214-3.jpg (1.1 MB, 1632x1224, 4:3, 04-coals-s.JPG)


Let's go on with the slow cooking thread.

This time I made beef jerky.
I have to put it up front that this was a test, a practice run to see how to do it. Thus I used very little meat, bout maybe 50 grams, no point ruining a whole cattle, right? Lean thigh, not sure exactly which part.

Pic #1 Sliced them thin and left it marinade a whole day in the fridge. I didn't used paprika. I considered it, but sweet wouldn't add much flavour, and left hot out too as I didn't want that to be the dominating taste. Still some black pepper I added, salt, garlic and Worcester sauce were the other ingredients.
Pic #2 Didn't pay too much attention to the firelay, just made sure to create a layer of coals all over.
Pic #3 Fire! Fire!
Pic #4 When some coals formed I started to place the meat onto the grill.
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This bacon tastes odd. Tried raw and it was great, it should be even better when fried, but no. Weird.


Ideally beans should be replaced with lentils.


File: 1581233165911.jpeg (244.45 KB, 1460x2190, 2:3, rice.jpeg)

I liek lentils in specific lentil soup and thick soup (pottage?), cream based, some garlic cooks in it beside the lentils, sometimes smoked ham or ribs or something similar. Otherwise salt, black pepper.
Sometimes I pour a little vinegar into my portion.

How Bernd cooks his rice? Do you guys fry them first a little in some minuscule amount of oil before boiling in water, or just add water right at the beginning?

Also why is still an "Email image" option in the context menu when I right click?
Is there anyone who managed to figure out how to remove that option?


>fry them first a little in some minuscule amount of oil before boiling in water
Never heard of that here.


File: 1581353730840.jpg (155.18 KB, 800x533, 800:533, tarhonya1.jpg)

I don't do it, but my parents do. Also we fry tarhonya a little first (this round little buckshot liek pasta), before boiling. Not sure what else, me moms cooks herself other type of grains once in a while (maybe buckwheat too), not sure how she makes them.


How does kc feel about kohlchan? Is it a worthy successor to kaycee?
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What's up?


i khown you


I have no owners.




I thought you're using proxy, not Tor.

File: 1575909104130-0.jpg (47.74 KB, 557x458, 557:458, Join Zmood_com by wishing ….jpg)

File: 1575909104130-1.jpg (186.86 KB, 626x899, 626:899, Celebrating Independence D….jpg)

File: 1575909104130-2.jpg (78.38 KB, 700x928, 175:232, Happy Independence Day Fin….jpg)

File: 1575909104130-3.png (949.69 KB, 900x622, 450:311, The Independence Day of Fi….png)

File: 1575909104130-4.jpg (39.39 KB, 410x509, 410:509, Happy Independence Day, Fi….jpg)


The country balls are very based here.


Check in endchan/kc, that's where we reside normally, this is our bunker. I pop in every few days to see what's going on. Or if the site is still up, fjf.


sportschan has way way better uptime than endchan lol


endchan's uptime is pretty good it just sometimes switches to the beta site they used when did the database, for like 10 seconds randomly.


Yeah, sometimes I get redirection.

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