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USAPL Raw Nationals
Jonnie Candito will be lifting in the 83kg class
On grils 52kg rn
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File: 1571362751242.mp4 (4.28 MB, 854x480, 427:240, masu.mp4)


this show is 'mostly' ok
gives bad info on squat technique
and on breathing technique
not particularly dangerous info, but it would severely limit your lifting ability


Is fuckin horses an sport?


don't think so


File: 1571363134332.webm (2.29 MB, 1430x1044, 715:522, ryujin.webm)


File: 1571356659448.png (12.49 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


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>Patrick Mahomes with patella (knee cap) dislocation. Can be treated without surgery and brace. Could miss just a few weeks. Could also have season ending surgery. MRI will determine which course.


for my spreadsheet I'm also marking down ways the shooter could have been caught/fucked up during planning
here's omar
>Many behavioral problems. Suspended from school for cheering the 9/11 attacks, threatened to bring a gun to class. Reported to FBI many times. Openly a Jihadist.
alpha. the gun store stopped selling to him too and reported him to the FBI but he still did his prank


rippin arse


could you share it to me on google sheets?


when I'm done with it I'll share it on /h/


File: 1571350350615.png (13.71 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


AL Championship Series · Game 4 · Astros lead series 2-1
Logo of the Houston Astros
6:08 PM
Logo of the New York Yankees
@ Yankees

NYY favored to win
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time for the sauna to start throwing things


i worried about ditzy
we know xhi doesnt like leaving xir home
i feel like something really bad happened


it's all a ruse
xhe is monitoring this thread


File: 1571362365684.png (692.06 KB, 708x1064, 177:266, ClipboardImage.png)


i want to violently grope her on a train


File: 1566731144630.jpg (13.47 KB, 186x264, 31:44)


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Ubuntu 18.04







How in the fuck is this site still alive? Do dudeman, banana, and jesus still post here? I'm getting a bit nostalgic.


File: 1571353594681.jpg (160.69 KB, 1023x681, 341:227, 4657493236_8f8b1fda33_b.jpg)


Remember Meguca/pol/? The site the German shooter supposedly posted his manifesto on? I found yet another two of their sekrit club bunkers where they're flidding out. They're on BitMessage so you'll need to install that to look at anything.

Go to the Chans tab and click Add Chan, and put in the following information:
Name: Meguca/pol/
Address: BM-2cU9rFxfBHg6cyUZ1UqoTT66iiokazzqJv

Name: megubunker-Ny6w6vEp
Adddress: BM-2cSwRKLFVj7Lgqp7C17z3Av2A8kU7zZCQw


nice fredpost, chump


File: 1571349263428.jpg (3.39 MB, 4160x2340, 16:9, 20191017_154914_HDR.jpg)


smoke meth every day


wew you at the game fucka?




post more pics bitch
and salute DA CHIEFS




File: 1571270985454.jpg (46.83 KB, 495x372, 165:124, 1538780145468.jpg)


wheres dotz, i have to ask xim a VERY important question


shes off grid rn. I can take a message


thanks but id really rather directly ask xir, its a very delicate and personal question


off grid?????


the ufos take her for a week at a time





candito crushed his opener


File: 1570077825500.jpg (91.17 KB, 800x800, 1:1)


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File: 1571265682276.jpg (660.93 KB, 849x1200, 283:400)



File: 1571304393556.jpg (186.4 KB, 708x1000, 177:250)



File: 1571324576489-0.png (973.33 KB, 858x1200, 143:200)

File: 1571324576489-1.png (1.05 MB, 900x1200, 3:4)

File: 1571324576489-2.png (800.54 KB, 753x1200, 251:400)

File: 1571324576489-3.jpg (856.99 KB, 860x1200, 43:60)

File: 1571324576489-4.png (934.76 KB, 860x1200, 43:60)



File: 1571325165934.jpg (107.87 KB, 711x1200, 237:400)


File: 1571351952749.jpg (576.31 KB, 800x800, 1:1)



File: 1570599436936.jpg (10.78 KB, 305x430, 61:86, dutz.jpg)


new yumyum
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File: 1570653990164.png (1 MB, 770x1280, 77:128, utz.png)


I will award all the utz snaks you can eat if you can deliver sportschan a jihad that murders the heretic ryan helsley



File: 1571334895285.png (39.94 KB, 584x638, 292:319, Dez Utz.png)

bumping yumyum


File: 1571351065088.png (12.24 KB, 371x624, 371:624, UTZ.png)



File: 1569698941232.jpg (153.9 KB, 1280x722, 640:361)


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File: 1571326441361.jpg (287.46 KB, 853x1000, 853:1000)





File: 1571333222150.mp4 (9.09 MB, 540x1080, 1:2, Petition.mp4)


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ya it works fine
the click is a bit unsatisfying
but ive had no issues




semi car chaseb owl he's already out of the car and hiding by apartment buildings. cops aren't there yet



im pretty hungry tbh


make the mlb thread


File: 1569938998193.gif (334 KB, 525x525, 1:1)

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File: 1571333097536.png (17.52 KB, 200x200, 1:1)


File: 1571333154764.png (168.42 KB, 466x640, 233:320)





Bros I think I've got a crush on Donald Trump hes a very attractive man
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File: 1571333795866.gif (29.96 KB, 501x671, 501:671, the eternal taig.gif)

paddy detected, time to poison the potato harvest


File: 1571333880604-0.jpg (505.46 KB, 752x2009, 752:2009, hib1.jpg)

File: 1571333880604-1.jpg (479.62 KB, 692x2081, 692:2081, hib2.jpg)

File: 1571333880604-2.jpg (267.89 KB, 748x1104, 187:276, hib3.jpg)

File: 1571333880604-3.jpg (429.3 KB, 748x2009, 748:2009, hib4.jpg)

time for some red pills


the Irish ruined Boston


more than half of those are jewish though

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