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Old thread >>914

Feel free to /r/equest anything, questions, comments, concerns. Ill be happy to tell you why I do what I do, and what has or hasnt worked for me.
>pic 1
Cucumbers in the front, a green bean in the middle, and two pole beans at the back.
>pics 2 and 3
Seed pods on my radishes that have bolted.
>pic 4
Newly transplanted peppers always use plant tags!
>pic 5
Newly transplanted cantaloupe
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File: 1655226772283-1.jpg (4.01 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20220612_124809.jpg)

File: 1655226772283-2.jpg (3.23 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20220612_124814.jpg)

File: 1655226772283-3.jpg (4.11 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20220612_124823.jpg)

>pic 1
The brandywine tomatoes haven't grown as much as I thought they would. I think I should have put the container on the other side of the raised bed so they could have got more sun light.
>pics 2 and 3
Cucumbers are flowering a ton, even have one cucumber growing. It's jumped in temperature so much I think its affected growth. The heat is stunting my peppers as well :/
>pic 4
Pole beans sprouted. I'm saving them for seed for the fall. It's too hot to grow them currently, and I think the plants are dying from the heat.


is growing in topsoil even a thing there? so weird to see plants being grown outside in pots and beds


maybe its a benefit to be able to move em around?


Where I live I can't plant anything in the ground.
It does help being able to move them. The peppers do better with more direct sunlight, so as the summer wears on, I'll move them accordingly. It gets hot enough here that nothing except the peppers really needs more that 3 hours of direct sunlight a day. The heat and indirect sunlight takes care of everything else.


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File: 1656024779121-3.jpg (5.31 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20220623_174043.jpg)

>pics 1 and 2
Cucumber overall height, and the one cuc I have so far growing.
>pics 3 and 4
My 2 corn husks and the overall height of the corn.
The heat has been stunting everything's growth.

File: 1573956382225-0.jpg (394.65 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, DSC_2474s.jpg)

File: 1573956382225-1.jpg (843.88 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, DSC_2474sPERSPECTIVE.jpg)

File: 1573956382225-2.png (20.86 KB, 905x371, 905:371, Unradiused.PNG)

File: 1573956382225-3.png (129.48 KB, 1131x622, 1131:622, AR18 Flat V1.PNG)

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Just wanted to post some preliminary progress regarding my AR18 build
i dont have any access to any examples of these because i live in a commie faggot state, but i've started to at least make progress on constructing an upper receiver flat.

im doing this with some knowledge ive deduced and some simplifications as such:
- an AR18 tubular receiver has internal dimensions of 1.25" x 1.25"
- an unbent flat will be approximately 5 inches across
- relative proportions from pictures will be close enough for function

using that i performed progressive rudimentary visual perspective correction for image 1 using GIMP and gridlines to get image 2. i then imported it into autocad and corrected for any rotation. i then visually mapped out the outline to get a general proportions. with this done i scaled the drawing to my 'known' dimension of 5 inches and examined the other dimensions. I then went through them and rounded up or down to units that are convenient to imperial system, and radiused select corners

This would be an iterative process of refining the flat given i dont even have access to an actual rifle. the only dimensions i can think of that will require being really close would be overall length and width. Width i know isn't going to be accurate, given that when bending sheet metal flat dimensions like that wont directly translate to the finished dimensions, but it think its a good starting point. length would be easy enough to change.

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whoa how many walmarts can you shoot up with that?


i guess that depends how much ammo you have


You have infinite ammo when you repack your used shells =D


thats too autistic even for me

File: 1629817933192.png (22.87 KB, 252x252, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


does anyone listen to any podcasts?
I like to have background noise on, subject matter doesn't matter too much, more just chemistry of the hosts, interesting guests, and knowledge of subject matters are my concern.

pic unrelated, it's billed as a podcast but it's really just a prolonged audio-only comedy sketch
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Honestly not as much as I used to. Pizza Party Podcast with RebelTaxi is a really good one though.


that guy's a fagr


There's that one podcast with Alice Cooper that's pretty good


the last podcast guys like to let politics creep into their shows way too often
granted they never go on extended rants about it but it happens often enough to be annoying as fuck
they actually just marcus not the other two idiots do some p gud research tho and sometimes their jokes are funny particularly in their earlier episodes their series on dahmer has quite a few good moments


The Dollap is a pretty interesting podcast. The hosts present strange or mostly forgotten moments in history such as the straw hat rebellion

File: 1574059348968-0.jpg (736.13 KB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_20191112_130309.jpg)

File: 1574059348968-1.jpg (2.44 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_20191117_223134.jpg)


Picked this thing up for 500 burgerbux from some guy. Made no noise at first. Been working on it off and on for the past couple months.
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i regularly come to this thread to listen to that vid budy posted so uh i guess ok i just want it right there at the top of page one get over it loser




Did you ever fix't the organ?


i had a great organsm last week


ya he even played >us a song itt

File: 1641788445624.jpg (82.06 KB, 829x828, 829:828, 3e2.jpg)


Discuss writing: Fanfiction, original works, screenwriting, anything writing.
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sounds like a fun idea. i used to be way more into kind of winging manga projects, but recently i've been wanting to get into writing manga one shots. like nice, consolidated 30-50 page stories that can let me practice the medium a little more.

if you're looking for a way to get started, i think the best tip i can ever give is to accept that the first few times will be shit, but you have to keep on going. figure out if you want merticulously planned panels, or to just make them up as you go. if you want a huge overarching plot in the back, or just to manically work on a certain number of panels/pages a day. starting is always hard, and continuing doesn't get much better, but looking back will always feel good.


i write buffy + spike fanfic


File: 1650923024032.jpg (272.79 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 11419894eeb6f5fd00_medium.jpg)

been reading picrel
jesus, they did the movie dirty. book (3?) the sister has to get raped by her brothers for invisible op laser ghost bro to do his thang
author is a total fag for D, and it's got tropes out the ass, but great man trash
i know it doesn't belong here i just wanted to talk about it


I've got a whole series that I've worked on since childhood. Some of you have probably read my description of it on /monster/ back on 8chan
Basically: it's about the far future where mankind is in a feudal society fighting each other for domination so they can decide who becomes Terran Emperor, and the main lord who can become Emperor is a young lad with a harem of genetically modified women, and then there's also this mercenary corps of hard ass motherfuckers that fight bandits, feudal armies and space barbarians and shit. Then there's magic which is basically about being schizo enough to alter reality through changing perceptions and illusions. There's also monster girls, Venus flytrap ayys, and God's entropy dream demons.


Anyone else have fixations that they research and write about endlessly, but have no one to share it with? A year or so ago I was very interested in a niche topic, and decided to research as much as I could into it. I would be going on archive.org and other websites finding as many resources as I could about what I was interested in, and cataloged a lot, but didn't know what to do with it exactly. I've considered writing a book, or making a wiki dedicated to it, but I'm not sure yet.


that thread doesn't deserve to be top of page

File: 1643769526264-0.png (183.99 KB, 750x709, 750:709, buryebil.png)

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These digits are hereby claimed by /mlpol/.




File: 1644023939413.jpg (84.41 KB, 828x1031, 828:1031, 1642868174174.jpg)

>not even a GET
>ponyfags ban for GETs


>new posts don't show up in threads if you make a new one


File: 1618844818058.gif (22.96 KB, 107x127, 107:127, Anko Kitashirakawa Tamako ….gif)





Are you sure ?



File: 1559614793182.jpg (44.04 KB, 660x371, 660:371, _86129166_ap.jpg)


ok im gonna try to get as many pictures of Howa Type 89s as possible, and using cues from the pics, try to get general receiver dimensions, then tabulate the data and try to see if i can get anything that makes sense
gotta be careful to avoid airshit rifles. that stuffs big in nippon and obviously the Type 89 one is p. common there, so it shows up a lot in pics
phase one will just be to collect the pics. 89 is a relatively unknown rifle. nippon doesn't export it because of their laws, but its obviously heavily based on the AR18. i think the designers even made AR18s under contract for a while.

this is a long term autism project.

step 1: collect pictures

things to avoid
>images of non-JIDF or American troops carrying a Type 89 (aka airshit larpers)
>rifles at an expo being handled/not chained up (they're airshit rifles)
>rifles that look beautifully made (they're airshit rifles)

things to find
>close up of rifles and parts
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File: 1559614927777-0.jpg (3.82 MB, 3504x2336, 3:2, JGSDF_22nd_Inf._official.jpg)

File: 1559614927777-1.jpg (105.47 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdeaafault.jpg)

File: 1559614927777-2.jpg (139.3 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefa3ult.jpg)

File: 1559614927777-3.jpg (112.65 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 1559614927777-4.jpg (26.42 KB, 474x325, 474:325, re.jpg)


File: 1559614940480-0.jpg (26.29 KB, 474x325, 474:325, tah.jpg)

File: 1559614940480-1.jpg (21.53 KB, 474x243, 158:81, th.jpg)

File: 1559614940480-2.jpg (25.12 KB, 474x325, 474:325, thaaa.jpg)

File: 1559614940480-3.jpg (80.16 KB, 626x252, 313:126, Type_89_Assault_Rifle_JGSD….jpg)

File: 1559614940480-4.jpg (84.54 KB, 987x400, 987:400, Type_89_with_rail.jpg)



File: 1559614956520-0.jpg (3.72 MB, 3000x2400, 5:4, US_and_Japanese_forces_sha….jpg)

File: 1559614956520-1.jpg (1.56 MB, 1800x1200, 3:2, USMC-120125-M-YG378-112.jpg)

File: 1559614956520-2.jpg (360.94 KB, 1100x733, 1100:733, 状況1.jpg)

File: 1559614956520-3.jpg (14.16 KB, 400x229, 400:229, Type_89-4.jpg)



any updates


no i have to finish the ar18 first
they operate pretty much identically, but im for sure going to abandon doing this thread


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you're so good





still think this is one of the most incredible vids i've ever seen


elevator thread
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there's this hotel in atlanta called the claremont and it, at least used to in the past decade, was the last one in the city to have an elevator operator. unrelated there's a popular titty bar under the hotel that is notable. also unrelated seth putnam had a dedicated room in the hotel that he would stay at any time he was in the city




thinking about it i think it was gg allin that had the specific room, not seth


wait no it was seth putnam

File: 1637117670569.jpg (54.77 KB, 736x640, 23:20, 736x-1.jpg)


Don't worry they are probably not real


>Don't worry they are probably not real


File: 1636693376899.jpg (264.3 KB, 793x915, 13:15, IMG_20211112_115517.jpg)


help maek zis drowing korrekt i zont know ze perspectivz
ze front tirez look too flatz idkz


File: 1636747476196.png (21.34 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


speik sense u zewish mankey

File: 1559245385785.png (544.16 KB, 968x681, 968:681, ClipboardImage.png)


A good website in a weary world welcomes people like yourself https://cow.vg/ or @Tor http://2ftgu27lxmjmc3bjlqvzbn4gorx5yku3kylhbsn6g4ggum2e2jgcpoqd.onion/ Share the word, this is not spam but a special invitation to you. This invitation is unique and not many will get it, so rejoice. Our website is especially designed to help you tune into yourself, into your cow. Into the possibilities of milky delight that you will discover within you. Each time you visit our website you will understand more, and more will rise up within you in response. Visit our website, again and again. Visit alone, or with your cow. Try whatever appeals to you in the course of your visit and click something new! something different… each time. Then when you are comfortable with everything on our website use is as a wallpaper for your computer, let it become a part of your imagination, a part of you. The possibilities that this website will open are truly limitless.
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File: 1635971718485.jpg (545.63 KB, 1468x3264, 367:816, ٢٠١٩١١١٠_٠٠٥٨٢٤.jpg)


may i see your tits, love?


File: 1636055426686.jpg (174.56 KB, 800x1089, 800:1089, 260609-bc-s-quest-for-tire….jpg)

when grills wear those kinds of chokers does it always mean they are submissive "littles" or is it also just a general fashion accessory?


fool, all women are submissive, choker or not
but yes the ones wearing them are signalling their need to be dominated, openly so their are further in the slut gradient
>fashion accessory
in some cases, e.g. maybe if they are very young, they might not yet realise what is it exactly that they are signalling, but eventually as estrogen takes over they will know it, realisation will come from between their legs

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