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It's like 76chan, but on sportschan. Locked due to spam
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Onion domain: http://ylcjjrqko7pgobnvzreemm565ea3oj3c7rfqqb4x4twmay6hafv54mid.onion/

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If u do the wearing thing which is cool and I think there's no downside for trying but could kick if theres some weird shit can sportschan have a wooo I know the community for it isn't here yet but think of it as a trial that might take some time to catch on
Reason I ask is I trust your modding and their current bunker has this nonsense


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>have a hobby literally about pageantry and showboating
>no fun allowed


This is my problem these dudes need a non rule cuck bort to post on this shits insane who the fuck wants a serious board about wrestling where they can't go between shitposts and the occasional serious post? Shits nonsense


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outside of like 97-00 I was never into wrestling, and obviously never into /wooo/ but I've been watching NJPW a bit here and there and it's a fun time. It seems like /wooo/ is really insular has no fuckin memes where you think it would be like here or very well could be. is 4 /asp/ fun and memey?


Tbh /asp/ and 420dicks both create alot of memes the 8chins variant didn't really create much oc but other boards produce alot that's insular to their community
/asp/ actually might be the most memey board mods ignore it for days then they delete lots of shitposts in a storm causing mad anons
Its honestly one of the last places you see mod hate regularly

Archive lurking is fun and requires autism
420 wooo has some brilliant posters mixed in with low effort posters it's a mixed bag with inconsistent mods
I asked duds for a wooo cause one with consistent mods would have a chance
The 8gag board lost activity after the mod started throwing bans for shitposts with a wrestling meme ban message
The idea of banning to keep communities pure kills them on chans


>wearing thing
Web ring fml I cannot type


If we had a /wooo/ I would post on it. Even tho we can post pro wrestling on /sp/ because Japan considers pro wrestling a sport.


can't they just make a thread on /sp/ee?


yea that's the problem I guess. if they weren't fags they would just do that but then they probably wouldn't have this problem in the first place, but since they're fags they're gonna want their own shit with their own shit ya know


I wish they would just do this it's sad to see the way they stay on rulecucked shitholes


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Webringfag here
>which is cool and I think there's no downside for trying but could kick if theres some weird shit
Actually, you can remove imageboards that have weird shit that you're not interested in, i.e. let's say you're not happy with Julay's fetishes you can just drop them from your version of the webring and just link to other boards
I think you guys should make your own /wooo/ board. As the current one is hosted on smug, they're kind of against some content that you guys might otherwise post here.
The heart of 8ch has always been its ability to get a lot of niche communities together. /quests/ and the one with evolution games are an example of boards with very few users but tons and tons of OC. /v/ and /pol/ are the big filters.
>The idea of banning to keep communities pure kills them on chans
It can work, depends entirely on what the owner wants its board to be like. Look at /a/ vs. /animu/, the former has clean content and allows for educated discussion on anime, but they have barely any good OC because they won't let anyone color outside the contours, while /animu/ is reckless, lewd and barely talks about anime, but they keep on scanlating and having the time of their lives. Their purposes are completely different.

What's so great about the webring and what made 8ch so good is/was the ability to just make your own version of whatever board you want to have. Making a /wooo/ here makes a hell of a lot sense to me.
If you joined the project, I'm sure a lot of them would eventually trickle down here, bored of not being able to post fun stuff. Just go for it, mates, we want you on our team.


what's the difference between webring and 8ch/endchan/any of those "create your own board" chans? is it a decentralised service like tor?
t. retard


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I'm not tech literate, but here's the gist of it.
The webring is an improper name for a federation system. Each imageboard is completely free to do what they want (so it can be centralized like most of them, or it could be distributed like with Zeronet). However, all imageboards send/receive messages containing which PUBLIC boards each of them is currently hosting. This pool of boards can either stay static if a single IB doesn't want to create more boards, or it can grow dynamically if a single IB creates new boards, either because they got popular demand or because the IB itself allowed board creation.
For instance, vch has a set number of boards and Cakeboy refuses to make more, but anon.cafe allows their users to make new ones under certain rules and julay allows practically anyone to make a new one.

The difference between webring and 8ch/endchan is "decentralized" in the sense that one imageboard going down for whatever reason doesn't automatically mean all the others have to follow suit, their node is simply delisted from all versions of the webring until they go back online (or, individual IB owners can choose to delist another IB they don't like much, again, julay did so with vch because they don't like Cakeboy). The latter have a "single point of failure" and are extremely centralized in nature, so if their faggot provider or services like cuckflare stop supplying them, all the boards and communities are scattered to the wind. The webring is also useful in coordinating an exodus, since all other IBs are notified of the actions happening within their communities.

tl;dr the webring is de facto decentralized but not distributed, 8ch/endchan are highly centralized.


oh yeah also
the webring costs NOTHING to maintain, while places like 8ch/endchan have exorbitant costs for expanding


Endchan was on free servers last time I checkedq


This place isn't in the webring yet so nobody even knows it exists.


Well, I did say I'm tech illiterate, didn't I?
Still, would be baller if you joined us.


I'm pro alliance just for viability but im also for bullying the nerd who brought it here
Come here nerd time to go to a locker


Uuh daddy be gentle with my boipucci uguu~

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