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It's like 76chan, but on sportschan.
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Onion domain: http://ylcjjrqko7pgobnvzreemm565ea3oj3c7rfqqb4x4twmay6hafv54mid.onion/

File: 1625769865795-0.png (33.46 KB, 240x240, 1:1, 1611335816904.png)

File: 1625769865795-1.webm (1.08 MB, 150x214, 75:107, It's pretty ded.webm)


This site is an botnet btw >>871

You will have your info stolen from you and framed for shit you did not do if you ever visit.


Also, please report the /intl/cel whenever he posts 'that content' around here or another board again. You'll recognize it as soon as you see it


Did that.

I'm just waiting for him to come out of the woodworks and scream "hurrr a bot did what I just did". Like that ugly dickhead always does


Looks like you fucked up your regular I.P hopping, spacechan faggot. You can't even do your job properly nowadays. How pathetic

We're not going to your shitty alt chan btw


Is it seriously just one fucking guy posting that shit? sounds schizo-tier but I'm not up to date on the latest internet drama


it's more of a group with one asspie doing most of it but yes


>proposition that >we delete (egy, maybe?) and replace it with IW (infowars)

You can delete your botnets and leave this site, intlcel/spacechan mod. Nobody's going to miss you here


Another honeypot with illegal content has just been posted again. >>946

Do not go there under any circustance


I'm guessing most people on small chans already have enough common sense to avoid CP links anyway


>tee hee, I post botnets and CP spam at the same time
>I'm totally a different person and I'm not just samefagging all the time

Answer my post here

And I'll think about going to your CP filled botnets, spacechan mod/patch


>Yet another shitty IB

We're good here


CP botnets are still around. There's a really big one that got posted on /v/ right now

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