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its a tampa kinda day
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Sportschan stands out as a vibrant online community dedicated to sports discussions and fandom. Tailored for sports enthusiasts, this platform offers a space where fans can engage in lively debates, share insights, and celebrate their favorite sports and teams. From football and basketball to lesser-known sports, Sportschan covers a wide array of athletic disciplines, catering to a diverse audience.

One of the key features of Sportschan is its user-driven content. Members of the community actively contribute by posting updates, opinions, and analysis, creating a dynamic and constantly evolving conversation. This participatory approach fosters a sense of community and belonging among users who share a common passion for sports.

The platform's informal and open environment encourages free expression and exchange of ideas. Whether it’s discussing the latest match results, debating strategies, or sharing memes, Sportschan provides a welcoming space for all sports-related discussions.

However, like many online forums, users need to navigate Sportschan with discernment. While it offers an exciting community experience, it's essential to approach discussions with respect and sportsmanship, upholding the community's positive atmosphere.

For sports fans seeking a dedicated space to connect with like-minded individuals, Sportschan is an excellent destination, combining the thrill of sports with the camaraderie of an engaged online community.


Sportschan is a lively online platform for sports enthusiasts to engage in dynamic discussions about various sports, including football, basketball, and lesser-known disciplines. The user-driven content allows members to contribute, fostering a sense of community. The informal environment encourages free expression and respectful debates. It's crucial to maintain sportsmanship and respect to uphold the positive atmosphere. Overall, Sportschan is a great place for sports fans to connect and share their passion.


oh i remember him
he got mad that a post telling heem to kys got double dubs and spammed the board put of butthurt lol
too bad he didnt kill himself like dubs guy told heem to


*out of butthurt i mean :^)


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i kinda want a squidbillies version of alabama nigger now


>is not the full song


wew. wew. what is this new sensation? wew. I am experienceing a new feeling. wew. there's more? what is "lad"? wew lad. this feels great. ess-pee, you are the wisest board on sportschan. wew lad. wew lad. I feel great. I never have felt this way. wew lad. wew. this is so special to me, lad. wew. tahnk you ess-pee of sportschan. i don't know what it means but i wew lad anyway. wew lad. i did it again. i can't stop wew lad. it's a new feeling. it feels new and nice. wew lad. wew lad. back to basics: wew. soon, wew lad. i hop ess-pee on sportschan will give me more of these to do. they are opening my mind. i will start with wew and wew lad then i hope that you will come to our boards on sportschan another time. wew lad

Listen here jackass. No one asked you to write a god damn essay on how you feel about sports. I certainly don't give a shit about you or your opinion. Matter of fact, I decided to make a nice little joke about baseball, because obviously its the least exciting game ever created. No one has time to sit down for 2 to 3 hours just to watch grown ass man sit there and try to play ring around the rosies on a big ass field. They only ever hit the ball once every like what, 5 pitches? Oh, and you'll be lucky if its not a foul! And you think other sports are boring? Is that why the Superbowl is watched by more people than the World Series? Is that why the NBA Finals are the most hyped championship? Tell me this, how often do you here, "Hey Billy! Let's go watch the World Series! This time, the Rangers might score more than 2 points!" Exactly, no one gives a shit about the same few teams winning the championship every year. Now go play MLB the Show you little butthurt prick.

I got the long game going on this one don't you dare question my ability to pick up a gf. Just because I'm not dropping memes like fucking spaghetti out of my pocket does not mean i'm a virgin. Fuck you, do you have the first 3 dates perfectly planned out? Are you purposefully waiting a weekend past when she said she'd be free just to add a level of mystery? Did you get a job at a high-end jewelry store to further impress her? I doubt you ever have perfected the art of gf. Well bow in the presence of a master.
First I'm taking her on a nature walk, your thoughts flow more naturally while walking so this will be a great opportunity to learn a lot about each other without coming off as a game of 20 questions. I did some research into the things she mentioned being interested in/enjoyed so on our walk I can share a hobby and/or interest with her.
Next I will take her on a 'classic' date, mini-golf, ice cream, a drive in movie. Something of that nature. That's where it becomes I'm obvious I'm not just trying to fuck her like the other assholes.
Then comes the real date, dinner at a fairly nice place and some drinks.
After that I have gf.
Goodbye virgin.


That's what you idiots sound like. You are fucking cancer to every chan you end up on and that's why you "dominate" BECAUSE EVERYBODY ELSE LEAVES BECAUSE THEY ARE SICK OF YOUR SHIT. You idiots think you are so cool and "epic" despite shitposting the same doge and shit oekakis over and over. This board was supposed to be about a new start and instead it's MLB GENERALS and doge memes everywhere. This is worse than reddit. This is worse than 9gag. It's like a group of autistic 5 year olds learned how to use the internet and somehow found eachother on this hellhole. I will tell you one thing I am so glad I frequent a real board where I actually have reason to laugh and learn some new informative things. How pathetic are you all? Get lives, get wives, or eat knives.


We could cry about /sp/ and say they're "pushing us around" by doing this.

But actually, that would only be giving them power.

Fuck /sp/. They're a joke. They think their GETs matter? That they can goad this site into bending over for their communist dick? Their shitty Wade Davis meme was the tipping point for realizing they are a joke. Their increasing appeals to SJW hipster faggotry show that they are unintelligent and simply don't perceive the road ahead. They are short sighted and common.

They once were a truly open minded part of 8chan. Now they're just another faggot haven of brainwashed and controlled cocksuckers who offer NOTHING when you realize there are alternatives that don't stick their tiny little dicks into everything with approaching repeating digits. That don't tell their users what to Think Cause They Know Better Cause They're Left, or ya know, whatever it is that they are.

How about this, you /sp/ faggots: you're going to bend over for US. We don't like you. We don't care what you think. And we are going to ruin you because you have decided to try to ruin us. You cast the first stone bro. We are going to convince as many people as possible to raid your board.

We don't need you. Never did. And you have proven that you don't want us or anyone truly intelligent, hip or cool using your board. Thanks for the heads up. Take a look at Reddit. That's your future. Oh, you think it looks good? Well, we'll see. The race is on. I think you'll be quite surprised to find that reality doesn't just disappear, even when you try to make it do so.

So, we don't need you. We do need 8chan and sites like it. But you? Your service is offered elsewhere. You simply provide the same thing but now with added finger waving and cucking. Bye bye.

Those who bend to these 5 Faggots will only have short lived gains. It is really up to all. I say Exit good. But that doesn't mean to just let this go. If you have a Voice, don't try to beg for re-entry to /sp/. Use it to do to them what they have decided to do to us. Spread word that their reign of GETs is over. Discredit them. Raid them. Offer alternatives. If they change their tune, so be it. But until then: /sp/ is a joke is the new word of the day




There's a truk n pullr thread for this kind of thing you DOUBLE NIGGER


generals are for gays and forums which are gay and so is tpwtd which is the gayest unless i happen to agree which i never do unless it suits me


File: 1715839331289.png (Spoiler Image, 53.41 KB, 168x192, 7:8, ClipboardImage.png)


this isnt about shitting pissing and cumming in food at hereford house restaurant in kansas city

now it is


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