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its a tampa kinda day
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show the board your reserch


sister sent this, dudes on one. his logic jumps are bullshit but thot i'd present to the class
>plasma makes up 99% of errythan
>two kordelesky clouds (dusty plasma) have what he calls "intelligence"
>they're entities watching over the earth


idk if it counts but i think it should someone recommended the war mode podcast to me (cant remember if it was here or elsewhere i got the rec from) but those guys are usually at least semi-coherent but sometimes they'll jump all over the fuckin placer with half completed conversations and just leave a bunch of shit hanging in the air to the point where the entire episode is just schizo gobbledegook and it'll give me a headache and make me wonder why i even bothered listening to it. shits almost as annoying as some /pol/ faggot throwing a stream of apparently disconnected information at you then calling you stupid when you ask what the fuck theyre talking about
gud podcast tho sometimes theyve got interesting shit to say that would get them shitcanned anywhere else but holy fuck do they go off the rails sometimes


Does anyone know where I could watch The Grifter?


File: 1714737216282.jpeg (38.24 KB, 500x375, 4:3, beneficial fire.jpeg)

the biggest conspiracy is that it is inherently more rational and more likely tyo believe that bad things happen not because of some mass orhcestrated plot by jews/freemasons/the elite but more so because people are fuckin stupid and simply find ways to benefit from the most recent disaster


if it was from /h/ it was me and ya they hit $, started microdosing, and went downhill. hopefully spud does his own thing at some point
older paid shit is peak warmode. got this off a rando keep it dl dont want it deded https www patreon com /rss/ WARMODE? auth= wM8htS0M-nS1xZrwrEJcEsFkR8z38MvC



no shit that happens no one said otherwise but that doesnt mean there isnt also organized efforts to shit the world up
even ignoring the jew angle shit like DEI and ESG alone is very clearly a deliberate effort to make everything worse


link's genuinely not mine
great site though, of meny thanks


>started microdosing
ah yeah that would do it. microdosing is alright occasionally but idk why people think doing it all the fuckin time is smart indont think ive met a single person who does it all the time that also didnt routinely devolve into homeless tier rambling
just like take the full hit of acid/shrooms and have a fund day occasionally i dont get how doing little tidbits has any substantial benefit


idgi either, needing a beer to clock in isnt a great mental place bros
back in dot com days the techbros funded some studies on microing lsd but never bothered to look into em
conceptually no diff than ssri dependency and if u view it as a spiritual thing its a bit greedy & noncommittal innit?
that said i drink coffee, slam nicotine, and will do multi month rc cycles so i'm a hypocrite


transvetigation is schizo kino
there is an entire genre of schizos whose brains broke when trannies went mainstream and now they see trannies everywhere

its awesome
they also have no knowledge of old people losing sex hormones thus making them a tad bit more androgynous between the sexes so every single old person is a tranny and anyone with plastic surgey, a tranny

its awesome
there were some really good ones on bitchute but you can find some good ones on odysee as well, been a while since i checked it out but its great stuff


i think the point is that they are related not that she was a tranny


>and if u view it as a spiritual thing its a bit greedy & noncommittal innit?
never understood this tbh. like yeah ive felt an "interconnectedness" on shrooms before but its not as if you cant realize how intricate the world and the universe is without being high. its impossible to fully comprehend that shit anyway so hows being buzzed 24/7 gonna make a difference or make you closer to god or whatever?
or is my understanding of what counts as "spiritual" skewed?


File: 1714859568809.mp4 (4.01 MB, 270x480, 9:16, The Galaxy Is Fake, The Ea….mp4)

was wondering about the moon being seen differently

but now i'm convinced these guys are onto something


>or is my understanding of what counts as "spiritual" skewed?
Spirituality is subjective, so no your opinion isn't wrong. The people I know irl who microdose are not in a position to take a large dose. They are mostly professionals in their field and don't have a lot of psychedelic experience unlike me who will drop acid and go to work for them it's a nice opener to a bigger world. Imo that's how you should micro dose. They all say it makes them feel better, etc. They don't do it every day though, maybe once a week, more like once a month.


What am I watching here?


The truth!


There's too much ant print and not enough 'splainin


them sayin dab atmosphere be flat earf's contact lense n shit


those dudes will hit the micro solely as a performance enhancer or anti-sobriety
but they also view it as being invited to interact with a diff realm or layer

correct me if i'm wrong but that combo of intent and openness is real tourist hours shit ime. just asking to wake up in a figurative ice tub with a figurative kidney missing
its also possible i'm just a giant fucking pussy about demons


File: 1715006524150.jpg (40.26 KB, 416x900, 104:225, go sports.jpg)

ruh roh


File: 1715006649619.jpg (104.91 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, Seductive Mark.jpg)

joke's on you i don't whack it in the shower
or at all for that matter


That is fucking retarded, if they really are collecting sperm and eggs from citizenz they would just grab them from sperm banks and frozen eggs and do whatever they want with them, from doing genetic experiments to giving babies to the jews to sacrifice to moloch.


wait how do you watch porn in the shower tho?


seems plausible


anyone who thinks enlightenment costs 5-10 bucks a hit is out of it
leary was a counterintelligence asset
and he was so geeked out its not even clear he realized it

drugs, of basically any kind, are for very infrequent, heavy abuse. p much anything else is a crutch/excuse.
esp so w psychs
ffs taking shrooms back to back is already so obviously diminishing returns idk how anyone couldnt notice. you basically have to double up, or wait a week, or it wont do shit all
t. had a garbage bag of them one summer

acid less so, but it also doesnt fucking do much of anything until you hit that threshold
ive seen the common techbro dose cited as anywhere from 1/10th a hit to 1/4th
1/10th is literally a fucking waste, just go have a coffee
1/4th, depending on the syd, can be enough to get you to that slightly uncomfortable come-up feeling for lik an hr. i guess it makes it slightly harder to sleep for a few hrs afterwards? idk. again, just go have a coffee

>that combo of intent and openness is real tourist hours
yea its retard shit
just save your drugs for a time you can actually use them
fuck man even when ive had shitty pizza jobs i saw even just smoking weed at work as a waste. rather save it for literally any other moment of any day. nvm actually gud shit lik L


people doing thc at shitty jobs always confused me. ime weed and edibles always makes time feel like it paused why the hell would you want your shitty slog of a pizza job or dishwasher level chores to feel like an even longer experience?
i can see doing it if youre paid decently for not having to do much and your boss isnt a cunt, none of which applies to the kind of jobs i usually see people toking up at
hell i dont even want to deal with people being fags on imageboards when im high its a huge buzzkill i imagine work is even worse


File: 1715019251806.png (798.82 KB, 800x800, 1:1, ricos.png)

>multi month rc cycles
what kind? i was a heavy synth cannabinoid and rc stim (2-fma and cathinones like mdpv, a-pvp) user for several years.


Most people I knew at the point in life I was in hospitality 420 blaze it at work because of how shitty the job was. A more wise person than me once said, "if you're getting high at work you probably should get another job."


think its just a teenbro mentality cuz most those jobs are for them. no one spliffs to go to the dentist
stimchad, nice. oldtimers hit my grandpa hard so we test ran a grip of stuff together i dont remember. mostly biohack bullshit promises
only racetams now phenyl>oxi>ani.
stock's about out and old source doesnt stock anymore so may call it though. sourcing is too sketch these days dont want chang doing a pee pee in my coke


File: 1715262687931.png (69.72 KB, 1421x298, 1421:298, ClipboardImage.png)

nick bryant did an ep with an army remote viewer if that spartman's still interested in that
armybro is breddy dry, kept tuning out, but nick's a fountain of 411 on conspiracy shit. didnt know he did casts


File: 1715272929515.mp4 (2.48 MB, 640x352, 20:11, sg1 vagina.mp4)

new stargate never ever


Do you really want them to make a new stargate show where the military sends troopers around the galaxy indoctrinating xenos and humans about sodomy, femenisum and democracy?
If you are really starving for stargate stuff, there is a new videogame out of stargate, you should play that for a while.


they released half the game at full price and said they'll add the other levels later. it's also a stealth game so no open warfare blasting WEWUZ parasites, you have to sneak around the whole game or get oneshot
amazog is supposedly taking scripts for a new series, and as for DIE i'd like to see them top the disabled white-chinese lesbian couple in SGU


Never watched it, but I wonder if they top the episode where the team goes to a planet full of white people fighting not white people and O'Neil rejecting them because they weren't diverse and inclusive like them.


i like the SGA episode better where john and rodney think they're playing civilization but they're actually controlling two real societies in real time


>Have the ability to help other people when they know they are real people struggling in the galaxy.
>Woman leader decide to shut everything down becuase the crew is fucking retarded.
>not using the tech to help people
>not putting not retards to control and finally make contact with them so they can have more resources and allies



Is this article saying that 'diversity initiatives' are to blame for promoting incompetent people? The idea of a meritocracy is a noble one, but it's hard to achieve. Statistically, things like SAT scores (mentioned in the article) and other 'rational' measurements of competence just didn't add up in the real world as predictors of success. Statistically, it's not possible that rationally promoting competent leaders from our population would lead to a situation where 88.8% of CEOs, CFOs, and COOs in the 2022 report are Caucasian, and 88.1% are men, and that's AFTER several decades of 'diversity initiatives' that brought these numbers down from 100%. While attempts to fix the obvious systemic bias may be clumsy, but it's more likely that the incompetence in leadership came through the bias of promoting under-qualified white men through a combination of male solidarity, white solidarity, nepotism and old boy's networks than any diversity initiatives that followed, since - technically - every single one of the problems noted in this article was developed under the watch of this cadre of wealthy white men.


medieval society can't offer much to help against soul succing ayys


i think you replied to wrong guy spartman


Yes they can, it is called food and manpower.


I don't understand why people believe in shit like flat earth or hollow earth. A while ago I came across Anton Parks' stuff, in short it's about how the Abrahamic religions stole and made worse from Sumerian one and how our current knowledge of Sumerian religion is wrong and it's about his interpretations. I was reading about it on https://www.fractalfield.com/zeitlin/EndEnchantment/Secrets.html and agreed for most part but then it comes up with hollow earth shit
It immediately killed my interest, it's such an absurd concept i have no idea how can anyone believe it
Yea I wanted to sperg out about this


>but then it comes up with hollow earth shit
that's the mo of agents of disinformation. they feed you morsels of truth and then try to lure you into the rabbithole of confusion. david icke is the master of this


Website about how zionists are destroying the works. Cancer cures and memes galore



File: 1715644247712-0.mp4 (9.75 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mh370.mp4)

File: 1715644247712-1.mp4 (1.28 MB, 960x540, 16:9, mh370 ufo.mp4)

flight MH370, warp drives, ayys, humans surviving black holes, free energy

dudes been up mh370's ass and caught a tapeworm. did an interview that handsome homeless feller


File: 1715644756843.mp4 (55.14 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, dews.mp4)

gud vid on dew's


If they have super mega techonology why don't they weponize it to defeat their enemies?


dudes theory is that it's reverse engineered tech that re-imagines known laws of physics and would lead to civilian breakthroughs
free energy, big weapons n sheeyit which is somewhat plausible i guess


if i had to join some hollywood cult id prolly go for TM tbh
lynch at least makes gud art an shieet and i guess if you give em enough money theyll teach you how to FLAOT
all you have to do is live in some dome out in fucklahoma for a while i guess

def fuck scientology
absolute kooks
did you know jason lee was a scientologist? i guess he left cuz they suck. prolly cant even tre. posers


File: 1715710249740.mp4 (14.02 MB, 480x360, 4:3, jason lee - stereo visual ….mp4)


damn, didnt know any of that
nxvium was lookin aight before it got busted. always wondered what hollywhorbs are lik in bed


prolly catatonic or 1000yd PTSD stare from all the 80yo film execs crusty dongs they had to slurp


File: 1715802949475.jpg (68.25 KB, 700x632, 175:158, miki-dora-f7b24cec-4dab-42….jpg)

did u guise know OG surferbro miki dora was lik a massive nazi? and not lik "omg hes a nazi" lik now, but lik in the traditional sense. dude moved to apartheid south africa so he could own slaves
>I have a black man who wakes me up in the morning, gives me my orange juice, gives me my robe, carries my board to the beach. Everybody ought to live in Africa. I have a coolie for everything I do. Everyone should own a coolie.


install the brain microchip to watch it in your head


Do you guys have any recommendations on books about breathing? Can't find a good answer by googling and idk how much I trust the current 4ch/x/ to ask there. They can be both about supernatural shit like pranayama, etc. or scientific.
I know two off the top of my head, Wim Hof's method and Atkinson's "The Science of Breath". I know for a fact Wim Hof works but I actually heard bad things about Atkinson's


idk how much this would help but the book "born to run" goes into it iirc. its about this tribe of people in mexico that can run far as fuck without becoming exhausted. it's an enjoyable read at least


bks iyengar was the dude who wrote all the books that started the hippy yoga craze in the west in the 60s/70s
try the one he wrote about pranyama i guess


I know I'm talking about 8gag.gov here, but they do have the board /fringe/ that's all about that kind of stuff. It's surprisingly non-pozzed (considering the site) and it's active enough so that you can get a decent answer in around a day. Just uhhhh ignore the few spam threads that are there.
and yea atkinson is p gay


mh370 dude (ashtonxforbes on xshitter) posts interesting shit
this guy's an ipa queer but he's a sciencedude so lends credibility imo

teeldeer of what ashton's sayin is shit proly everyone came up with drunk: big density/mass/gravity in front=go faster
haven't gotten to rest of it but that's my udnerstanding anyway


what a fucking retard. everyone knows that the reason for the clone army is to be hosts for the reptilians when they finalize their occupation of earth as part of agenda 2030
i can't believe this guy believes this nonsense about china.


That's so fucking cool. Gonna jack off in the shower more often. Go gettem boys!


i mean sure, theoretically thats the basis of warp drive theory for star trek. you hear em talk about the "warp bubble" in a lot of eps.
and at least according to our maths and current understanding of physics, it should work.
its just the whole "actually bending space-time" thang is completely beyond us. youd need an unfathomable amount of energy


had a weird dream
one of those surreal "feels like youre dead" dreams
made me remember ambrose bierce and his occurrence at owl creek bridge.
what a fucking name. im surprised that its still lodged in my head after this long

cool guy tho.
did you know he was actually THE reason the RR companies back in the late 1800s didnt get to have congress to waive their already criminally low-interest loans for the trans-continental RR?
they were trying to butter up congress behind closed doors so he went there gonzo-style, pretending to be a RR suit, then btfo their whole plan on the front steps of congress. he published it in the paper, and the entire american public wigged out and the RR companies had to pay up.
based and ballsy af tbh. thats the equivalent of several billion dollars nowadays. ppl get disappeared for far less, both then and now
and apparently he did, somewhere in mexico during the revolution
prolly just some banditos tho


>"Good-bye. If you hear of my being stood up against a Mexican stone wall and shot to rags, please know that I think it is a pretty good way to depart this life. It beats old age, disease, or falling down the cellar stairs. To be a Gringo in Mexico–ah, that is euthanasia!"


so whats up with this terrance howard guy?
i dont watch movies, but someone told me he was in some shitty marvel movies or somethin

but lik wtf? is he lik tryna start a cult or something?
dudes out here fucking up basic ass algebra, yet he seems to have a legion of fellow math flunkies calling him a genius


File: 1716477569389-0.png (1.04 MB, 1443x1678, 1443:1678, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1716477569389-1.mp4 (6.88 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ashton challenge.mp4)

>current understanding of physics
current human understanding of a lot of shit is still caveman barking at fire tier imho. lik "dark matter" and "dark energy" which are just loliunno sum shit i made up™, and comprise lik 70% of everything in most universal substance models
bro's stickin to his guns, his logic's kinda sound. was a wierd coverup. coulda been political hit but doesnt explain those sus af vids.
hipster lookin conspiribro ian carroll is on this now which is gud bc fuck project bluebeam

>unfathomable amount of energy

true, >we can get a grip from just an itty nucleus. which extrapolated along newtonian understanding leads to some interesting spiritual questions to me
idk much about wormholes but maybe smth there too. just shit i lik to navel gaze about


Why does he think the goverment have that tech? Wouldn't it be more belivable that the plane got kidnapped by xenos?


>idk much about wormholes
lol yea no one does
but if we found one, and it was bending space-time in such a way, chances are you wouldnt wanna go anywhere near it


thats prolly just where hes at in his conspiritual journey


second vid in >>1622521
did a whole thing on verifying it im too lazy to find again, but op of it knew exact telemetry before public


prevailing theory on em still that folding piece of paper analogy? always seemed beyond my smooth brain or goofy so i just tuned it out


File: 1716495281856.mp4 (14.93 MB, 576x1024, 9:16, rogan.mp4)

terrance this nigger? some hotep shit, kufi's tight af


This is a website you see linked often in occult circles: lawofone.info, even on imageboards where people call everything fake or glowniggers but if you read just the intro they claim they channelled Ra which makes it obvious it's a larp to me. Why is this shit so popular?


reading allat is a fuckin trip. my favorite bit is the part where it basically said that abe lincoln was possessed by a "good" entity to fight slavery.


here's a Q&A from a high-ranking illuminati member who claims to be an incarnation of Lucifer. It's got some thought-provoking stuff as well as hilariously wrong info like San Fran and Damascus being uninhabitable.
TL;DR is:
>The Illuminati rules over the world as part of the mission they received from God, so that humanity has a choice between positive or negative polarities (good or evil)
>It's all your fault that the world is shit because you focus on shit instead of good things
>2012 isn't the literal end of the world, but a timeline divergence where good people become Christ-like and perform miracles, evil people go with the Illuminati, and the "lukewarm" are doomed to repeat the cycle on another world.


>2008 above top secret forum
good shit. i'm a schiz softie but always viewed the good effortlarp posts as some dude who came across something he thought was important and just wanted to share but no1curr in his irl so they pretend and end up 3deep
sure they get off on the attention but it's prob due to being a lonelybro much as anything


File: 1717063642492-0.png (1.24 MB, 1921x1375, 1921:1375, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1717063642492-1.png (1.14 MB, 1181x1391, 1181:1391, ClipboardImage.png)

what's spees thoughts on planetary alignment?


its just some con to make women believe in stupid bullshit


i am no 18 nor a woman nor do i have crippling depression or anxiety so it's a waste of time like >>1625237 says


lel. them hood wearing ritual types are p feminine now you mention it


Considering magnetism, gravitational forces, etc the moon affects tides on earth there is some possibility that something happens. What, is pure SPECULATION. IMO it’s proof the earth is flat, I mean that first chart seems pretty conclusive.


always wondered about tides in the womb's water too
sucks science is gay now. would be cool af to have a trustworthy /x/ division with even a portion of the cash that goes to cocaine withdrawal of tranny spotted owls in a section 8 environment


i dont wanna keep shittin up the spusic treada w dumb skaterat shit, so i guess this goes here now
based templeton schizoposting about flat earth and dum-dum rays an shieet throughout the entire vid. p ebin

and here i was just thinkin how it was lame no one makes proper vids anymore. came out lik last week
that first part, jeremy leabres, is just what the doc ordered


File: 1717607551977.jpg (56.03 KB, 600x433, 600:433, Checking.jpg)

I've got that 1 webm of that truck bomb playing that evacuation siren stuck in my head and can't find it in my computer. smmone has it here?
souns p cool, kind f like repeating integers.


yer mum is flat


File: 1717613906958.mp4 (573.93 KB, 320x240, 4:3, Nashville Bomb.mp4)



what half-life 2 map is this?


goddamn that's spooky. how did you remember what it was? do you have a dedicated folder for /x/ shit?


Niggers that glow in the dark hard at work, eh?Q


File: 1717625329463.mp4 (6.38 MB, 640x296, 80:37, Smartmatic.mp4)

no i just remembered what heem was talking about

not even glows, probably some fag the DNC agreed to bribe his surviving family with a gorillion dollars if he anhero'd mcveigh style to fuck up dominion/AT&T's infrastructure which went through downtown nashville


its funny how blatantly glowopped this one was and everyone forgot about it like a couple days later
also sends me down a tangential thought process of how fucking terrifying it would be if prolly a when at this point tbh actual unironic domestic turrism begins in amerigay. guns r skery yeah but idk how to put into terms how terrifying it is to legitimately have to worry about ieds especially if whoever set it up dgaf about who it hits. literal trash on the street could potentially explode on you, stupid shit you would typically ignore like discarded cans/bottles could potentially be part of something that will tear you to shreds
at least some idiot with a shoot go bang can p easily be located and avoided/killed, gl catching that jug of homemade explosives thats hidden between a couple of trash cans and connected to a wire that you prolly wont spot until youre stepping on it. if inbred arabs can set up that kinda wicked shit imagine what some unhinged burgers can do


File: 1717625614079.jpg (336 KB, 996x1386, 166:231, everything is bomb.jpg)

arabs are probably a lot smarter than your average burger at this point



idk about that
a lot of these fuckers read one book. thats it. or sometimes just have some imam pretend to read it to them
as gutter tier as burger education is, you still prolly gotta read lik a dozen or so by highschool.
murricas problem is that half of erryone here is just bitch-made. lotta ayyyrabs living in ayyyrab cunts cant afford that luxury


i assure you afghans at the very least are most definitely dumber than burgers on average theyre genuinely nigger tier. inthink theyre some of the most inbred fucks in the middle east which is an accomplishment
at least iaqis managed something resembling a modern society


spruh ieds are horrifying. think about drones from legit anyone too. chinr, usgay's "anti turror", coached up/funded """BLM""", some programming socks that got misgendered
>what a lovely summer day the bees appear to be buz-splat
>wonder what they're gonna build with that shipping container
<doors open, wagner plays through 30ga wiring on overtuned tweeters
child traffickers lik alefantis bypassed customs inspections with a diplomatic license for his "art gallery" and moved full ass people


i always joke when its a nice clear day out how its a gud day for a drone strike
most ppl dont get it. theyll find out too late


forgot about this one


File: 1717795049740.png (60.32 KB, 500x250, 2:1, agent_ditz.png)

calling out the /sp/urus, need some formative material pertaining to
>ruby ridge
>waco siege
>alfred p murrah building bombing
>port arthur
and other nationalism-provoking incidents a patriot needs to be informed about.
t. NYC agency interim


tbh even tho hes a longwinded normietuber, that wendigoon vid on waco is one of the more reasonable and decently researched vids thats readily available on it. follows dave from the early yrs where he was just a cult follower, through taking over the cult, and then the siege itself. even has a lil demonstration in the middle where he shows, with actual guns, why/how the ATFs entire reason for sieging them was bogus. helpful if you dont know gun laws, cuz otherwise you prolly wouldnt rly understand the glaring issues with their warrant

idk if he did any of the other ones tho


File: 1717815682295.jpg (1.37 MB, 1489x3173, 1489:3173, Ruby Ridge.jpg)

you can watch the Waco miniseries, it takes a lot of liberties but basically paints it as the FBI infighting with itself over passive tactics vs. aggresion and how that fucked everything over


hes done ruby ridge too



yeah his content that isnt about some stupid zoomie SCAWIE "internet horror" series are pretty good

his Uncle Ted video was pretty good too
apparently he is under attack by breadtube goobers because "he said he is a christian" and "he hung out with a guntuber" therefore he is literally hitler reincarnated and is an alt-right chud incel


no, no, that's weak shit. there's a documentary on the OA city bombing that stated mcveigh was a fed asset and never exited the military, that it was C4 that blew the building and that the targetted building had documents related to a clinton scandal. and somehow tim was granted the death wish to never go to the coroner, and that an eyewitness claimed he was alive after he got shot. you know, shit like that.

smeone posted a port arthur screencap once too though I didnt save that one. what was it about the guy thrown in jail being a sub80 iq retard?


take meds


File: 1717887793636.mp4 (13.58 MB, 640x360, 16:9, okccons.mp4)

something like this?


What about the one I linked? >>1627004


gud on him
its all shit ive heard before obv, but the kid deserves credit where its due for how normie-friendly he makes it.
esp the demonstrations w actual guns. so many ppl dont have a clue how that stuff works, and its so crucial to understanding the whole thang

>he is under attack by breadtube goobers because "he said he is a christian"

lel its so wild the shit these kooks pearl-clutch over. complete lack of self-awareness on full display. theyre literally the evangelicals trying to ban pokeymans back in the 90s bcuz satan. burning every single scrap of gud faith they had left w anyone zonked out enough to still be listening to their dumbasses

my bad i just thought you were looking for normie-friendly shit to show ppl you know irl
check odysee, ive been seeing lots of tiny channels w schizo stuff on there


lmao someone should get him to do the liberty
the time is now, what w all the ppl being pro-pali


i need moar, sauce plz


that shit is lik 15+yrs old at this point. how have you not seen it?
its the same guy who did the 911 one


and yh lik >>1627136 says its the same guy


File: 1717890931625.gif (31.85 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1402608527223.gif)

im normie sry


Get the fuck out you fucking double nigger normalfag!


File: 1717892097007.jpg (8.93 KB, 260x194, 130:97, OIP.jpg)

everythings a lie and the rules they impose are a little game you can and should swindle in your favor at every turn
saved ya a lifetime of fruitless autistic rabbit holin over shit that doesnt matter now go get an ice cream ya little scamp


its literally all glowniggers posing as patriots


File: 1717894345986.jpg (75.48 KB, 780x800, 39:40, flat,800x800,075,f.jpg)

i dropped a triple nigger in the toilet a few hours ago


imageboard skizticism is an religion
its also mine


port arthur guy was an actual retard and most of the shots fired connected with their intended targets which is p wild for a mass shooting
not entirely impossible for a retard to pull off mind you (theres some vary gud shots in the military that are dumber than bricks it doesnt take huge iq to line up a shot) but the amount of planning and organization what he did would have taken was supposedly beyond the capabilities of a chromosome thief
i know the screencap youre talking about but fuck if i can find it i never finished organizing and tagging my shit in hydrus
check topic


decent blog on dorner

stumbled on this dude, it's a ride. elijah cummings is illuminati that invented dorner bc this dude was using a phone with an LA area code apparently


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accidentally the link, sites broken


same guy, he takes his time to explain everything in that recap, like who the old lady at 3:26 is, andreas strassmeir or the whitewater documents inside the building. it's p gud.


was always weird to me how both OKC and JFK both had books written about the guy who got arrested doing the thing he got arrested for prior to him """doing""" it. not that i think kerry thornley was actually involved with JFK. at least not intentionally.


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File: 1717954330382-2.webm (1.3 MB, 334x720, 167:360, Nashville RV bomb.webm)

File: 1717954330382-3.mp4 (4.12 MB, 638x360, 319:180, guns nashville witness.mp4)

I have way more to post of this but Error Posting.


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Error posting try #3


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Error Posting try #6


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Error Posting 1st try.


hold down the space bar for a few seconds retard


*sip* ahh, I remember this like it was yesterday


doesnt always work retard


does if you make it long enough


i could've sworn it was yesterday, then i lookd it up and it turned out to be 4 yrs ago. fuck.


While going through 4plebs I saw someone suggest "The Tallman Paradigm" as a cure for schizophrenia and if you search for it you find northernlightbooks.ca website but it was made by a boomer woman so I don't understand it at all. Does she say just buy my books? But if you check the books section it doesn't even mention which book is about how to fix illnesses, in fact it's so badly made if you click the first book you get 404 error
Am I just retarded or is the Tallman paradigm actually explained on her site somewhere, or at least is it mentioned which book teaches it


never heard of it
its prolly literally that boomer woman shilling her book on 4cucks


im p sure the only thing >we can do about schizo shit is treat symptoms, seeing how >we dont know wtf it even is.
i used to know this kid and he always just used to abuse benzos. said he got the idea from syd barret, who apparently was addicted to ludes to try and manage his problems.
problem is the kid fucking died from abusing downers. unsurprisingly i suppose.

so idk. anti-psychotics are nasty shit, but so is schizophrenia. if its somethin youre actually worried about id start shopping around for docs tbh. you rly dont wanna let it get lik how it got for terry, where you end up btfoing everything and everyone in your life, then being homeless, then eventually kys.
at the very least id ignore any faggot boomer trying to shill you their book on principal. theyre trying to scam sick/desperate ppl, plain and simple.


yeah we get it boomer time is passing you by like dust in the wind


>tfw no slim paranoid squatter gf

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