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its a tampa kinda day


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i am above da law - DA of GHOSTssouri
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The world is so clown that they seem normal compared to the shit the yids have been doing around these parts.


Why are Brazilians so fucking retarded ?
Literal subhuman tier people.

I advocate for the total nuclear obliteration of Brazilian and the pogroming of any ex-patriot huemonkeys.


>jury instructions for one of the trump lawfare cases
>if they happened they'd be misdeameanors, UNLESS they were committed to cover up another crime
>no, he doesn't need to be convicted of that crime to up these other ones to felonies
>no, the jury doesn't even need to agree what crime that was, only that A crime (a buffet list of crimes has been offered) was being covered up
they really werent kidding about the JEWdicial system, huh?
at least >we get to see the curtain be fully pulled back and the mask fall all the way to the floor


File: 1717039445646-0.mp4 (110.09 KB, 620x360, 31:18, FAQing Monkey Kusa.mp4)

File: 1717039445646-1.webm (359.46 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, hello monkeys.webm)

They're violating so many federal laws and judicial rules right now in that trial that I can't tell if SCOTUS is giving Merchan enough rope to hang himself and his daughter while waiting for the conviction, or if they're secretly in on it. The crime itself is well past the statute of limitations and the federal DoJ refused to prosecute it as a felony, so New York is literally making shit up as they go and are too stupid to realize that they've de facto made it illegal to do business in NYC since if you pay a lawyer to handle shit for you (as all businesses do), then you are on the hook if that attorney decides to do shit behind your back and you pay your bills like a responsible business owner.

Look no further than the Trump shenanigans to understand why due process exists in first world countries, fucking monkey. The majority of case law (especially when it comes to legal rights) is decided by cases around people who have no business getting out of jail time because of technicalities. Personally he should get prison time for being a homosexual and disrupting public morals, but unfortunately we don't prosecute degenerates for that any more. If we follow the actual case, if they were to hold the faggot conductor to that standard then the same standard could be applied to saying nigger online.


scotus is fucking faggots and wont do shit.


what modern behavior thats acceptable will be considered unacceptable in 6-10 years?
- Spartman No. 1293431


being straight
being white
being male

all of those will be illegal in 10 years


A spigga in need need me an N word pass quick




sparts shitposting w/o politispergs already illegal tbh




heem a GOOD dancer


there are no funny videos anymore


is dudeman legal yet? waiting on some duddina lewds


xe/xir is like 23 nao


dudddeer-chan drank the sacred water from the chinese cartoons and is a perpetual jacksonville teenbro

File: 1716574800298.png (4.78 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)



Blue Jays (23-26) vs. Tigers (23-27)
>5:40 PM CT
<TOR -131 DET +110

Braves (29-18) vs. Pirates (23-28)
>5:40 PM CT
<ATL -178 PIT +149

Mariners (27-24) vs. Nationals (21-27)
>5:45 PM CT
<SEA -146 WSH +123
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im scared
i think the yankees are going to lose today


also, the assblows are slowly clawing their way back to relevance

this is VARY bad news


File: 1716765504985.jpg (498.62 KB, 1600x807, 1600:807, India-500 Rupee-2011-ob.jpg)

im too busy watching the india 500 to watch this crap


yes babby


File: 1716768708612.jpg (424.99 KB, 800x600, 4:3, coca-cola-coke.jpg)

cocaine cola 600 is still on

File: 1714754992470.jpg (48.97 KB, 700x898, 350:449, babby cr growly.jpg)


imagine being a growly babby cr
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File: 1716647694728.png (400.84 KB, 696x648, 29:27, 32158.png)

well, we always have niggers.
niggers never die, they just smell that way


you mean xhe


File: 1716652683301.webm (3.31 MB, 500x480, 25:24, listening_to_Moon_Man.webm)

>niggers never die
they should
t. moonman


them hole thangs for eggs that snekfags wanna fug

File: 1716404049790-0.jpg (83.69 KB, 960x655, 192:131, 34857yu30.jpg)

File: 1716404049790-1.png (189.68 KB, 726x1542, 121:257, 90478.png)


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that one team won 3:0


yu lik ice crik budy?


yes budy


also yea wtf
isnt xotz a strangers fan?
where tf was dac up thread?


islanders tbh

File: 1716489973098.png (205.94 KB, 350x439, 350:439, ClipboardImage.png)



You can't do that.


you got the thing!


Post it in da GET thread


File: 1716502939834.png (495.17 KB, 495x495, 1:1, babby cr fire.png)

>fake get

File: 1715942773144.png (743.56 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 2345463.png)



Pirates (20-25) vs. Cubs (25-20)
>1:20 PM CT
<PIT -111 CHC -108

Nationals (20-22) vs. Phillies (31-14)
>5:40 PM CT
<WSH +220 PHI -272

Mariners (24-20) vs. Orioles (27-14)
>6:05 PM CT
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It's done
atl will burn just like that other time


oh nvm won game 2 of dubbl hedr


ya that worked out great for everybody didnt it
stupid fuckin yank shitscrubber jackass fuck yu


okay, maybe today the yankees will hold on to this win


the yankees won
lets hope they can go for the split tomorrow

File: 1715095231805.jpg (314.78 KB, 1763x1175, 1763:1175, 58fa76f0d87cc.image.jpg)


NBA playoffs and all the niggetry
watch the sports NOWWWWWWW
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nuggers doin a huge choke


lel this rock skipper's name is enzo ferrari


File: 1716172189912.jpg (7.89 MB, 6016x4512, 4:3, IMG_20240519_192838527.jpg)

enzo is not the best at rock skip



>dozens of felonies
>multiple prison stints
<still doin random B&Es for pocketchange
lmao bro its time to retire

File: 1715558207029.jpg (109.06 KB, 1400x700, 2:1, iain-armitage-young-sheldo….jpg)




Bazingo boy


Young Sheldon Series Finale


May 16th at 5 PM Mountain time


legendary /sp/ pleb tv show


Just tune in to CBS!
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need a new pleb tv show


just watch literally anything on adult swim


like Smiling Friends?


i can still remember 30 years ago when dotz told me to watch this new show called "yung sheldor". i still have ptsd to this day.

File: 1715990878451.png (11.8 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)



Florida Panthers vs. Boston Bruins
Game in Progress
>FLA: 0 - BOS: 1

Dallas Stars (52-21-9) vs. Colorado Avalanche (50-25-7)
>9:00 PM CT
<DAL -105 COL -115


New York Knicks (50-32) vs. Indiana Pacers (47-35)
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this was funny
i played limp bizkit as soon as that goal hit


1am hockey incoming




go dfw


niggers in my butthole

File: 1715886051693.jpg (3.09 MB, 4000x2250, 16:9, 2024-05-16-13-59-58-935.jpg)


i walked pass two fags kissing in dfw fuck this place


steers n queers *ptoo


That's what you get for going to dfw.


go punch that foid in the face


File: 1715938564490-0.mp4 (5.57 MB, 720x720, 1:1, 1_5060297852165555701.mp4)

File: 1715938564490-1.mp4 (5.15 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, 1_5060297852165555705.mp4)

>Nearly a million people are without power in Houston, Texas as powerful storms, with winds reaching 80-117 mph, topple large transmission power lines and shatter skyscraper windows.

>At least 4 people confirmed dead after storm hits Houston, mayor's office says.



File: 1715941386087.mp4 (815.55 KB, 610x360, 61:36, reeeee.mp4)

you should have done this tbh


abc state funded thread


no kikes or feds allowed


or ausfailians

File: 1715607987407.png (45.78 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 750971506649fe157c41550a66….png)


Sportschan stands out as a vibrant online community dedicated to sports discussions and fandom. Tailored for sports enthusiasts, this platform offers a space where fans can engage in lively debates, share insights, and celebrate their favorite sports and teams. From football and basketball to lesser-known sports, Sportschan covers a wide array of athletic disciplines, catering to a diverse audience.

One of the key features of Sportschan is its user-driven content. Members of the community actively contribute by posting updates, opinions, and analysis, creating a dynamic and constantly evolving conversation. This participatory approach fosters a sense of community and belonging among users who share a common passion for sports.

The platform's informal and open environment encourages free expression and exchange of ideas. Whether it’s discussing the latest match results, debating strategies, or sharing memes, Sportschan provides a welcoming space for all sports-related discussions.

However, like many online forums, users need to navigate Sportschan with discernment. While it offers an exciting community experience, it's essential to approach discussions with respect and sportsmanship, upholding the community's positive atmosphere.

For sports fans seeking a dedicated space to connect with like-minded individuals, Sportschan is an excellent destination, combining the thrill of sports with the camaraderie of an engaged online community.
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There's a truk n pullr thread for this kind of thing you DOUBLE NIGGER


generals are for gays and forums which are gay and so is tpwtd which is the gayest unless i happen to agree which i never do unless it suits me


File: 1715839331289.png (Spoiler Image, 53.41 KB, 168x192, 7:8, ClipboardImage.png)


this isnt about shitting pissing and cumming in food at hereford house restaurant in kansas city

now it is


File: 1715892163386.jpg (18.14 KB, 567x567, 1:1, 22fb405fb7d78365476173fae8….jpg)

File: 1715687978932.png (745.42 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 9832478356.png)



Phillies (29-13) vs. Mets (19-21)
>12:10 PM CT

Nationals (19-20) vs. White Sox (12-29)
>3:40 PM CT

Blue Jays (19-22) vs. Orioles (26-14)
>5:35 PM CT
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go braves


yankees up early on the t(NO)wins


File: 1715746862405-0.mp4 (16.07 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, aYMHkePrTm0rofdZ.mp4)

File: 1715746862406-1.mp4 (16.92 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, 1_5051189777013933587.MP4)


>but that slightly nervous "wad u seeey"

bro is struggling inside


yankees swept and i missed the game

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